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Daniel Gyawali
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Gender:Male Highest degree: Bachelor degree
Age:29 years Experience:> 8 Year
Nationality:Nepal Current Location:Nanjing, Jiangsu
Mother tongue:English Preferred Job Location:Nanjing, Jiangsu
Certificate: TEFL TESOL 
Career Objective
Preferred Job Locations: Jiangsu
Preferred work time: Full Time
Preferred Occupation: Foreign teacher / English Teacher
Expected Salary: 12000-20000RMB
Availability: Available to begin working ASAP
Professional Experience
Time Period: 2010/12-2011/8
Company Name: Giraffe English, Yuhua Branch
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: Oral English teacher, organize activities, prepare demo materials as it was a new center.
Time Period: 2011/1-2012/1
Company Name: New Oriental Kindergarten of Stars
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: Teach oral english to the kindergarten kids, Organize outdoor activities and prepare weekly theme for english corner
Time Period: 2012/1-2012/8
Company Name: Studio English
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: Teach beginning level english for adults. Teach travel english. Organize english corner each week.
Time Period: 2012/8-2013/8
Company Name: American Baby International Education
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: Prepare Demo ideas and demo materials. Organize outdoor activities every weekend, Prepare lesson plans and english corner ideas.
Time Period: 2013/8-2015/7
Company Name: RISE Immersion Subject English
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: Teach oral english and grammer to the primary school students. Teach IELTS to the high school students.
Time Period: 2013/9-2014/1
Company Name: Grand Educational Group
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: Teach Corporate english to the employers of a Chinese company.
Time Period: 2014/9-2015/1
Company Name: Primary School affiliated to Nanjing Normal University
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: An oral english teach for grade 3 to grade 5 students.
Time Period: 2015/2-2015/8
Company Name: ZTE Company
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: Taught business english to the employers of ZTE Company.
Time Period: 2015/8-2016/2
Company Name: First Leap English
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: A part-time english teacher for the kindergarten students.
Time Period: 2015/9-2017/2
Company Name: Dolphin Learning Centre
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: English Teacher Course Counselor Foreign Teacher Manager and Trainer Outdoor Activities and English Corner Organizer
Time Period: 2017/3-2017/8
Company Name: Buddha Society Welfare Organization
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: A volunteer english teacher at a welfare society for poor, disabled and orphans.
Education Period: 2007/9-2011/7
School: Nanjing University
Major: Physics
Qualifications: Maths - Calculus and Algebra Physics Chinese Culture Basics to Aeronautics Electrical and Electronics Technique Flight Dynamics Modern Aeronautical Engineering
Education Period: 2011/9-2013/7
School: Hohai University
Major: Chinese
Qualifications: Chinese Language Reading Writing Listening Speaking
Education Period: 2005/8-2007/6
School: St. Peters College
Major: English
Qualifications: Basics to English English Literature English History Business English
Mother Tongue: English
Chinese Level: Advance
English Level: Native
Skills name: Communicative, Collaborative, Problem Solving, Ability to Work Under Pressure, Decision Making, Time Management, Leadership and more....
Skills description: • Over 8 years of in-depth teaching experience in China. • Encouraged creativity and higher-order thinking to increase children’s performance. • Strong verbal and personal communication skills. • Organization and prioritization skills. • Problem analysis, use of judgment and ability to solve problems efficiently. • School Teacher with strong dedication to children’s development and to their educational needs. • Utilized modern teaching methods such as e-learning and team learning.

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