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Anna Spirenkova
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Gender:Female Highest degree: Bachelor degree
Age:28 years Experience:> 1 Year
Nationality:Russian federation Current Location:Other, Other
Mother tongue:Russian Preferred Job Location:Shanghai, Shanghai
Career Objective
Preferred Job Locations: Shanghai
Preferred work time: Full Time
Preferred Occupation: Foreign teacher / English Teacher
Expected Salary: NegotiableRMB
Availability: Able to begin work in one month
Professional Experience
Time Period: 2016/6-2017/12
Company Name: Interexchange USA
Occupation: Others
Job content: I am a babysitter for American kids in USA. Work with kids.
Education Period: 2006/9-2011/7
School: Siberin Federal University
Major: Journalism
Qualifications: I was studying media, journalism, writing, TV work, how to write articles
Mother Tongue: Russian
Chinese Level: None
English Level: Advance
Skills name: English conversational and written English
Skills description: Hello! In USA I\'ve got almost 2000 hours of working with kids, plus more than 2000 hours back in Russia! So as you can see its about 4000 hours of experience! My point of work with kids is to make every child Super Happy! I think that happy moments in childhood become good memories for whole life! Every kid has a potential to something like sport or music, or science, so together we will develop these skills. Taking care of kids its not only having fun, but Its also a huge responsibility! I have very good English. beyond you can read info about me and my previous Russian experience with kids. Thanks for paying attention! My name is Anna and I was born on March 22, 1990 & I graduated University in 2011 majoring in journalism. I like to writing literature but also working with children whom I adore & even while studying at University I began working as a babysitter. After graduation I went to a children’s summer camp for a season. Then I worked in a kindergarten and continued to work as a babysitter from that point on. Currently I sometimes work as a teacher of the Russian language because this job allows me to combine educational work with the work of a linguist. I was born in Krasnoyarsk which is in Krasnoyarsk State. The city is located on the banks of the Yenisei River & is a historic beautiful city with a population over than one million people. It is very cold in Siberia during the winter and super hot in the summer but it’s okay when you get used to it. Now I’d like to tell you about some of the children I worked with. Varya Belobrova was a three years old who is a very clever and cute little girl. I picked her up from kindergarten in the evenings and then waited for her parents to return home. Her mother was an actress & has constant rehearsals that can last until late in the evenings. Varya’s father is a businessman who spends a lot of time going on business trips & so her mother Olga asked me to babysit her daughter. When we came home with Varya she had supper if she wanted & then we also read some children’s books & went for a short evening walk. Katya Bedrina was six years old & is a very charismatic young girl. Sometimes she behaved badly but we were always capable of finding a common ground. She’s interested in theater and is an artistic girl who likes to communicate with other children. In the future I’ll continue working with children I’m planning on getting a diploma in childcare and then maybe someday I’ll open my own childcare service. In my free time I like to do professional makeup & I also like singing. I’ve sung in the Krasnoyarsk Russian chorus for two years. Then I sang in the “Moscow Oratorio”. I have also been playing ping-pong for three years and I now attend volleyball practice. Being sporty myself I could share this with children. Now I would like to become an au pair in the USA because I’m interested in American culture and I have rather good knowledge of the English language as well which I have been studying since the fifth grade. I know that Americans are an openhearted and benevolent people. It will be useful for me in the future because after the program I want to come back to Russia and be a teacher. I am extremely interested in acquiring new experiences in working with children. I would like to obtain and bring new knowledge back as well as new experiences. I also want to share knowledge from my culture and my school. I think I will feel fine away from home because I have always been self-sufficient and am cheerful, kind, and very optimistic! =) I don\'t want to make this letter too long so you can take a look at the babysitting experience I have in my profile and please ask me any questions via private message:-)

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