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Anjie Domingo
Tel:137***** Email: Skype:anj***** WeChat:Ang***** Print buy
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Gender:Female Highest degree: Bachelor degree
Age:30 years Experience:> 6 Year
Nationality:Philippines Current Location:Shanghai, Shanghai
Mother tongue:Filipino Preferred Job Location:Shanghai, Shanghai
Certificate:  TESOL 
Career Objective
Preferred Job Locations: Shanghai
Preferred work time: Full Time
Preferred Occupation: Foreign teacher / English Teacher
Expected Salary: 8000-12000RMB
Availability: Available to begin working ASAP
Professional Experience
Time Period: 2014/12-2017/9
Company Name: Leukerbad Anti-Aging/Rehab Clinic/Volunteer English Tutor for Chinese Colleagues
Occupation: Others
Job content: --As a Health Consultant Assistant-- -Assessment by collecting personal data and health history, pre-screening thru E-CT scanning -Occupational Health Coordinator/Supervisor -Have coordinate with interdisciplinary medical care delivery system -On-call/standby duty/travel nurse (Annex in Beijing, Shenzhen, Xi\'an, Wuhan, Nanning, Chongqing, Dalian) as part of responsibilities of Shanghai medical team to respond and to give special service --As a Volunteer English Tutor for Chinese Colleagues-- -Have irregularly taught English Pronunciation and Medical Terminologies to random colleagues during benign duty (free time at work) -Survival or Daily English Grammars -Conversant English
Time Period: 2012/4-2013/4
Company Name: Clubaby, Inc.
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: --As a Nursery and Baby Spa employee-- I have taught simple English command phrases and Nursery rhymes to infant or toddlers, attended babies\' daycare or daily routine such as solid or bottle-feeding, diaper-changing, provided care as giving medicines as necessary, supervised babies on the spa pool during swimming, baby bath, light massage, promoted enthusiastic activities for ages 12-36 months old, recorded children’s data, become telephone operator for setting appoinments
Time Period: 2011/2-2011/4
Company Name: Blessed Hope Baptist Church and Academy
Occupation: Others
Job content: --As a Volunteer Sunday School Assistant Teacher -- -Have taught the Bible stories to young people -Have guided Senior Teachers during classes and special events -Have provided conducive learning materials such as illustrations or drawings, arts & crafts -Have taught Worship songs for children
Time Period: 2010/2-2011/2
Company Name: ACross Medical and Dental ission Christian Ministries
Occupation: Others
Job content: --Travel/Mission/Volunteer Nurse-- -A Christian Ministry to help the unfortunate ones by giving free service for medical and dental health; Assess the patients by collecting data and health history; Assist the physician/dentist; Perform minor procedures such as cleaning wounds aseptically, suturing, bandaging, injecting meds as prescribed, Circumcision, promote health and sanitation by educating patients.
Time Period: 2003/3-2010/11
Company Name: Ann Rei’s Home-made Cuisines
Occupation: Others
Job content: F&B Business Assistant I was a Self-Employed worker in our own business --Ann Rei’s Home-made Cuisines in Valenzuela City, Philippines
Education Period: 2005/6-2009/3
School: Our Lady of Fatima University
Major: Nursing
Qualifications: Of what I have studied, it regards to Nursing Fundamentals, Health promotion, Holistic approach, intervention, and wellness of an individual.
Mother Tongue: Filipino
Chinese Level: Conversational
English Level: Advance
Skills name: Music, Arts/Craft, drawing, Computer Literacy
Skills description: As an individual, I always believe no one was born foolish. It\'s only lack of motivation to learn one thing or another, so, I am here not just to teach students of what I know in English but also to give them motivation and to set their goals in life.  One of the skills I have that will surely be an edge for this postion is the Basic Mandarin language. I have confidence in this skill in building a bridge to connect to the aspirant students from Mainland China, Taiwan, or any part of Asia, that guarantees, as well as a conducive way to better learning.  I consider myself for this online job for I am driven to teach or impart my knowledge and able to endure longsuffering since I\'m fond of children through their innocence and pure hearts. I can work comically and joyfully but the disciplinary action and focusing will always be implemented in timely manner.

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