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Pavel Davydov
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Gender:Male Highest degree: Master's degree
Age:31 years Experience:> 10 Year
Nationality:Russian federation Current Location:Shanghai, Shanghai
Mother tongue:Russian Preferred Job Location:Shanghai, Shanghai
Career Objective
Preferred Job Locations: Shanghai
Preferred work time: Full Time
Preferred Occupation: Foreign teacher / English Teacher
Expected Salary: 12000-20000RMB
Availability: Able to begin work in one month
Professional Experience
Time Period: 2004/1-2016/11
Company Name: SE Davydov
Occupation: Sales
Job content: Deputy Director of the company for the implementation of a wide range of products. Responsibilities included: ensuring products outlets, compliance, transactions on delivery on behalf of the company, selection and training of personnel
Time Period: 2006/1-2008/3
Company Name: Notek
Occupation: Engineering
Job content: Master of laptop repair «Notek» Vladivostok Russia Duties: diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair, post warranty support Included in the database of prospective employees.
Time Period: 2008/2-2009/4
Company Name: Assistant attorney \"Melnikov & Partners\"
Occupation: Others
Job content: Duties: reception of applications, preparation of claims, verification of statements of claim, bringing to court
Time Period: 2009/3-2010/6
Company Name: Consulting agency \"Kraniy Oktyabr’\" supervisor
Occupation: Others
Job content: Duties: Conducting advertising campaigns, recruiting and training staff, monitoring work. Promotion of goods to buyers. Included in the database of prospective employees.
Time Period: 2009/6-2011/7
Company Name: \"Primorsky reporter\" media
Occupation: Others
Job content: Duties: Selection of tasks for reporters. Public relations. Duties of the issuing editor. Staff recruitment and training
Time Period: 2010/2-2016/11
Company Name: VL.RU Media
Occupation: Others
Job content: Reporter media vl.ru – the most readable media in far east Russia Duties: reporting and coverage of the cultural life of the city. Include duties: Selection of tasks for reporters. Public relations. Duties of the issuing editor. Staff recruitment and training
Education Period: 2004/9-2009/9
School: International law faculty
Major: DVGU
Qualifications: theory of state and law history of foreign law Russian English constitutional law land law the law of the sea philosophy psychology sociology logic legal logic etc.
Education Period: 2011/6-2015/6
School: Journalism
Major: FEFU
Qualifications: English Psychology Political science Journalistic ethics History The history of foreign literature The history of Russian literature Theatre and media News journalism .Fundamentals of the theory of literature Media content Journalistic skills Rhetoric etc.
Mother Tongue: Russian
Chinese Level: None
English Level: Fluent
Skills name: English
Skills description: Learning English in elementary school. 3 years of studying English at the faculty of law. 2 years studying English at the faculty of journalism. Huge practic english in traveling. Cooperation with foreign teams in the framework of the archaeological expedition Kusil-Kuragino. Working tourist guide for a foreign group in Thailand on Phuket island. Warking in Bar as barmen in Malaysia for international guests

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