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Gender:Female Highest degree: Bachelor degree
Age:26 years Experience:> 2 Year
Nationality:Cameroon Current Location:Wuhan, Hubei
Mother tongue:English Preferred Job Location:Wuhan, Hubei
Career Objective
Preferred Job Locations: Hubei
Preferred work time: Part Time
Preferred Occupation: Foreign teacher / English Teacher
Expected Salary: NegotiableRMB
Availability: Available to begin working ASAP
Professional Experience
Time Period: 2010/10-2017/7
Company Name: WHTF
Occupation: Translator
Job content: I started translation back in high school. Then I used to translate from English to French and vice versa. So each time there was a school gathering I was called upon to translate. When I went to the university I continued. Then I used to do it whenever I was free and I had used to translate in conferences and gatherings when I was called. I moved from my city to another to translate and the payment was noticeable through my agent. I ejoy translation. It made me discover new people new cultures and made me study always to learn m more about English and French. All the while when I was teaching or working I did translation on my free time.
Time Period: 2016/5-2017/4
Company Name: NEWTEK
Occupation: Accounting
Job content: I worked with this company as their accountant and kept the financial records of the company. At the end of each working day, I did a check and balance of the day\'s income and expenditure to ensure that nothing was lacking and to see the profit for the day. Once every six months we took stock of everything to know the trends of the enterprise and to know if we\'re lacking where we\'re lacking.
Time Period: 2015/11-2016/6
Company Name: Sammy Cosmetics Limited
Occupation: Others
Job content: I was the customer care for this Nigerian based cosmetic firm that opened a branch for the supply of it\'s products in my city. My job entailed resolving customer issues and worries, alerting them of new product. Working as customer care made me gain a lot of patience and I learnt a lot. The client is always right and I had fun with the job. It demanded smiling at all times. Also I took up the challenge of studying how to adapt with people of various characters and temperaments which I succeeded to a greater extent
Time Period: 2014/7-2015/9
Company Name: British language institute
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: I taught both foreign language learners and second language learners of the English language preparing for the TOFEL/ILETS exams. I used videos, tapes and texts in teaching. I enjoyed it was gave me joy seeing my students make it in the exams.
Time Period: 2012/9-2014/6
Company Name: Collage of Hope Arts and Science
Occupation: Foreign teacher
Job content: I taught English as a foreign language to French learners of the English Language. My job was to make them understand the basics, verbs, and pronouncition and most especially to help them overcome the wrong usage of verbs and pronouns. I also taught English as a second language to English students who had difficulties in comprehending grammar and some other aspects of the English language like idioms and syntax. It was challenging but it was great working with students and helping them understand the language
Education Period: 2010/10-2013/3
School: University of Buea
Major: Literatures in English
Qualifications: English linguistics ,English grammar and usage, Advanced Writing, use of English, Functional French, African American Drama and poetry, English Syntax, English phonology, The rise of the English novel, A survey of the English literature till present, Constitutiinal and Administrative Law, Creative writing, Public international law,Human Rights, Jurisprudence and the legal theory, Civics and Ethics, Modern English, Modern American novelists
Mother Tongue: English
Chinese Level: Basic
English Level: Advance
Skills name: Excellent communication skills, Good teaching skills, comprehensive understanding of various cultures and ethnicities, sociable jovial and tactful
Skills description: I have a bachelor degree in English. I also have 5 years of teaching experience in full and part time. I have also attended and participated in many Commonwealth conferences and some of which I presented term papers. I presented a paper on the difficulties encountered by the foreign and second language learners of the English language in the usage of adjectives and verbs. I am an easy out going and out spoken person who loves to know, meet, study and interact with people of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. I love daily challenges because it makes me stronger and pushes me to learn and work harder. I can communicate and relate with people of various cultural backgrounds and age groups with ease. I am sociable, jovial and tactful and I\'m always ready to learn and adapt .

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