Talking about the application procedure of PU invitation letter


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The PU invitation letter is a visa similar to a business invitation letter issued during the epidemic. Its main purpose is to issue foreigners who come to China for important business activities, business negotiations or important business exchanges. According to the latest policy issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on August 10, all foreigners can only apply for a PU invitation letter before entering China, but many customers do not know what to do and what materials are needed. Let me introduce you to the application of Xiamen PU invitation letter as an example.


Preliminary preparation


Because the nature of the pu invitation letter is to come to China for business activities or important project activities, it was decided that it must be a company invitation. Individuals cannot invite foreigners to China and apply for a PU invitation letter, which requires the applicant to be Company employees or company project partners. And be able to provide relevant certification materials.


Application process


In all the processes, what everyone cares about most is the application process. How do you start and which department should you apply to? What kind of materials are needed?

In fact, it is different in every province and city. You can consult for free to me on what to do and how to start.



What to pay attention to when applying


The issues that need to be paid attention to during the application process include before, during, and after application. Before applying, pay attention to whether the company’s tax return is normal, whether the company has a bad credit history, whether it is operating normally, etc. The above is about the company; in the application, pay attention to timely cooperation with the government department, because many times the phone call or materials are not received Imperfection will have a great impact on the pass rate, so timely follow-up is very important; after applying for the PU invitation letter, you need to inform the applicant in time, provide flight information, and the nucleic acid test report within three days before departure , And make detailed arrangements for appearance, so as not to make preparations in a hurry after entry and appear troublesome.