Benefits for Foreigners with Permanent Residence Permit in China


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The Permanent Residence Permit for Foreigners (hereinafter referred to as the Permit) is a legal identity document for foreigners granted the qualification of permanent residence in China to reside within the territory of China, which can be used alone. A holder of the Permit is entitled to:

I. Enjoy the same rights and bear the same obligations in principle as Chinese citizens, except for the political right and the specific rights and obligations prescribed by laws and regulations.

II. Stay in China without any time limit, and enter/exit China by presenting his/her valid passport and the Permit and without going through visa formalities; his/her spouse and lineal relatives may apply for a visa, residence permit, or the Permit under the relevant procedures.

III. Go through customs formalities as a permanent resident for personal belongings entering/leaving the territory of China

IV. Work in China with no Employment Permit for Foreigners is required; if the holder is eligible, he/she can have priority in applying for Foreign Expert Certificate, or Certificate of Expert Returning to (Visiting) China and other talent-related certificates for employment and residence

V. Set up a foreign-invested enterprise by means of stock subscription in technology or investment, or engage in foreign direct investment within the territory of China with legally obtained Renminbi

VI. When the holder invests in a project or sets up a foreign-invested enterprise in China, the departments concerned in charge of development and reform, commerce, industry and commerce, foreign exchange, and so on shall simplify the procedures for examination and approval to improve efficiency according to the relevant regulations

VII. Apply for professional title assessment and take part in professional title exams according to the relevant regulations

VIII. Have his/her children received compulsory education; where the holder satisfies the conditions prescribed in relevant policies, the education department of his/her residence place shall arrange enrolling in or transfer to a school for his/her children under the principle that "one shall enroll in a school near his/her residence" and no charges other than that prescribed in the state provisions shall be collected

IX. Go through the formalities of social insurance on the strength of the Permit as a valid identity document. A holder working within the territory of China is entitled to social insurances under the Social Security Laws of the People's Republic of China; and a holder living but not working within the territory of China and eligible for the relevant policies of the locality can participate in the corresponding social insurances, including basic medical insurance for urban residents and pension insurance for urban residents, enjoy social insurance benefits and go through the formalities of transfer, continuation, or termination of social insurance relationship with reference to that for domestic urban residents; Social insurance agencies shall simplify the procedures and facilitate his/her completion.

X. Contribute to and use housing provident funds at his/her working place according to the Regulations for the Administration of Housing Provident Funds, and, when leaving the locality, withdraw or transfer the funds according to the relevant regulations

XI. Purchase commercial housing for personal use or lodging within the territory of China according to the relevant regulations, which is not bound by the one-year time limit set out in Opinions on Regulating the Market Access and Administration of Foreign Investment in Real Estate, which requests overseas individuals to work or study for more than one year in China before purchasing commercial housing for personal use or lodging in China

XII. Perform tax liabilities with regards to income tax payments according to Chinese laws, regulations on taxation as well as tax treaties

XIII. Have the same rights, obligations, and statistical attribution as Chinese citizens with regards to banking, insurance, securities, futures and other financial services in China by presenting the Permit as an identity document.

XIV. Have the income that is obtained in China exchanged into foreign currency and remitted outbound after completing his/her tax liability and receiving a certificate of tax payment issued by the taxation department, and receive foreign currency services by presenting the Permit according to the relevant regulations.

XV. Have the same treatment and prices as Chinese citizens in shopping, purchasing tickets of  parks and other cultural and sports venues, and consumptions in culture, entertainment, business trips, etc.

XVI. Hake flights, buy railway tickets and check in at hotels within China by presenting the Permit.

XVII. Receive the same treatment as Chinese citizens in applying for a driver's license for the first time or receiving a driver's license of the People's Republic of China replaced with an overseas motor vehicle driver's license.  A holder satisfying the relevant requirements, upon passing the relevant exams, can be granted the driver's license of the People's Republic of China by a public security organ on the strength of the Permit, the lodging registration proof issued by the public security department and the health certificate. And the holder may go through the formalities of motor vehicle registration by presenting the lodging registration proof and relevant certificate on the motor vehicle issued by the public security department.

XVIII. Apply for or resume Chinese nationality. The public security departments shall promptly handle the application or resuming under relevant procedures.

XIX. These Measures are subject to interpretation by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Public Security together with other departments concerned.