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Life in Shanghai


Shanghai is growing rapidly and offering a lot both to expats coming for studying and working. Find out what it’s like to live and work in this great city in Shanghai.

The rapid growth of Shanghai’s economy has been asthonishing and the city currently became the first largest populous in the world with a 27 million people with a staggering GDP.

Until recent years Shanghai was cheaper. But in the last few years the living cost of shanghai increased staggeringly. There are few reasons why cost living in Shanghai increased so fast.

Learning Chinese in Shanghai

The chance to experience a city like Shanghai would be great since it’s going to be next New York in few years. This city is becoming more and more cosmopolitan since the country opened itself to the world. Recently many factors are driving lot of foreigners to this city. First reason, the universities in Shanghai opened different courses for foreign students coming to Shanghai. Among all the courses learning Mandarin in Shanghai is the most popular. While a explore a next great city after New York in the world and learning Chinese at the same time could a lot of fun. Moreover it’s much cheaper to learn Chinese in Shanghai. There are many universities those provide both short and long course with visa. You just need to find them online or go to their foreign office in person if you are already in Shanghai. Here is one of famous universities to learn Chinese in Shanghai with affordable price.

Jobs in Shanghai

For English speakers, job opportunities will mostly be in cities such Beijing and Shanghai – the business and industrial hubs of the country. As long you are a native English speaker you can find English teaching jobs or related to English jobs easily. Sometimes you even don’t need much qualification to get an English teaching Job in Shanghai

English related Jobs are

  • Teaching English
  • Online Teaching English
  • English to Chinese Translator
  • School Activity Planner
  • Teaching kids Soccer in English
  • Teaching Kids Basketball

Amazingly find a job in Shanghai related to English is much easier, not only that, you can really earn lot of bucks. From my experience native English speakers with minimum qualification can earn around $2500 dollars where you only need to teach 20 hours per week with given accommodation and transportation fee. Another 20 hour in a week belongs to you. You can find more part teaching jobs in shanghai

Shanghai is the largest city in China both in economy, size and infrastructure. Shanghai current economy same as the old China 20 years ago. Lot of americans or europeans things shanghai is poor city. Once you come to shanghai it will change your mind.

Transportation in Shanghai

In Shanghai transportation is very convenient, you can say that it’s word’s one of most transportation convenient city. There 23 subways lines which takes you everywhere in Shanghai since they are inter connected. You can also ride bikes in Shanghai, you just need to pay the guarantee fee for the bike. You can register a bike account in MoBike or Yellow Bike , of course you need to down there app first. Once you register the bike account you can ride them only for one rmb to almost any distance. Of course if you don’t want to use their bikes anymore you can ask for a refund of your money. Anyway, you can take taxi to from one place to another place. But that could be quiet expensive. Since the arrival of MoBike and Yellow, not a lot of people take taxi for short distance. Most people prefer to ride bikes since they are very convenient and you can find them easily on the street. Once you reach to your destination by riding the bike you can keep them there and don’t worry about them getting lost.

There many ways you can get jobs in Shanghai. You can google and find some websites. Some of the website requires you to fill in your resume first. You can search them WeChat, QQ, Quora, Blogspot, Facebook, Google+. Good luck finding them.

But the most effective and quick way to find jobs in China to join in their largest social media WeChat. WeChat has thousands of groups. Job groups, Business groups. Groups for any fields. There are few other sites you can look up for Jobs in Shanghai

1. Shanghai Expat

2. China Net

3. China Expat Jobs

4. Facebook Jobs

You can also add their WeChat admin groups to join WeChat job groups.

Their WeChat contact ID’s are – DBestInfoMe, justdoitatIntel

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