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Sesame Street English Teacher
Industry: 教育
Scale: 500-999人
  • Position:English Teacher
  • Salary:12000-20000
  • Educational background:Bachelor degree
  • Experience:1-3 years
  • Age Range:Not limited
  • Recruiting Number:1
  • Mailbox :luisliu_680@******
  • Fill out your resume to view the contact ID
  • QQ/WeChat :*****
  • Working location:Shandong Qingdao
  • Address:Xiangyang Rd, 116, Inzone Harmony Mall,

Job Description

1. Perform students’ pick-up and drop-off procedures together with co-teacher. 

2. Begin and end classes on time. 

3. Follow lesson plans, teaching objectives and syllabus.

4. Prepare and review the lesson in advance together with co-teacher.

5. Arrange all materials, equipment, tables and chairs for class in advance with co-teacher.

6. Check the classroom for any dangerous or hazardous materials before class.

7. Make sure the classroom is clean and properly arranged after class.

8. Provide make-up lessons as required within policy hours.

9. Communicate with parents on students’ classroom performance weekly.

10. Interact with both parents and students in a way that is educational, fun, and engaging in classrooms and the center.

11. Work with co-teachers to post videos, photos, class comments, and announcements for parents.

12. Inform students of center rules and be responsible for the students’ welfare and progress.

13. Discuss every class performance with co-teacher to determine areas for improvement. 

14. Grade students’ assignments and follow-up with students and parents if necessary.

15. Adhere to pre and post lesson procedures.


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1.Educational Background: At least bachelor.

2.Teaching experience are preferred.

3.Provide resume,certificate and passport copy when applying



esame Street English is a famous American education brand established by non-profit organization Sesame Workshop. 

Sesame Street English aims to provide the best education to the children between 3-12 years old worldwide with a state-of-the-art EFL Program using English-immersion instruction in a fun, exciting context. We Help children to think, discover, and explore their own potential; learn to communicate with others and the world. 

In Sesame Street English school, subject contents like English, math, science, and social studies are taught through interactive multi-media with methods highly supported by professional EFL teachers world-wide.

Sesame Workshop’s children television show "Sesame Street" has been on air since 1969 and has won 138 Emmy Awards and Lifetime Achievement Award, it reaches millions of children and parents in more than 150 countries. 

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