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Environmental Project Manager (Spanish / English)
Number of Applicants:0
Industry: 教育
Scale: 100-499人
  • Position:English Teacher
  • Salary:12000-20000
  • Educational background:Bachelor degree
  • Experience:1-3 years
  • Age Range:Not limited
  • Recruiting Number:1
  • Mailbox :marc.borrell@******
  • Fill out your resume to view the contact ID
  • QQ/WeChat :*****
  • Working location:Shanghai Shanghai
  • Address:上海市静安区乌鲁木齐北路211号聚安大厦616室

Job Description

1.According to the education counseling market and business development, set the direction of the American education project development and implementation process;

2.According to the development of the project, set up effective marketing mode, enhance brand awareness of the project;

3. According to company development strategy for the development of new products, improve the existing products;

4. Raise public awareness of the project, innovate curriculum system.


1. US top 50 university or college

2. Related experience or education resources is preferred

3. Has certain product design and curriculum research and development ability

4.Excellent systematic thinking, analytical skills and organization ability

5.Strategic business thinking, leadership skills, operation practice ability, team management ability and interpersonal communication skills.



NOE Concept Design (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2004 in Shanghai. Is the first officially registered company of Noe Group in China. However, since 1998, Noe Spain undertook its work in Asia through its international network, participating in whole or in part of various events, national and international exhibitions such as: Kunming Expo 99, Habitat Expo Shanghai 2000, also official pavilions like; Chile Pavilions, Perú Pavilions, Spanish Pavilions in industrial and consumer goods fairs. Today, Noe China has grown up and through our network of services deliver the same quality of work in all areas of China, such as: Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Henzhen, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Dalian, Chengdu, Hong Kong, etc. and Asian countries like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, etc. Noe China is responsible for conducting assemblies, fairs design, organization of market promotion activities as well as other services related to trade fairs , design and production of brochures , interior design , promotional events in shopping mall and event coordination.
Noe is a team consisting of professionals specialized in different techniques and skills . Our team can work independently and be integrated as a group . We are able to coordinate our offices around the world to develop successfully projects for our clients.

Applicant Application time Status

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