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Foreign English Teacher in Guangzhou
Number of Applicants:0
Industry: 教育
Scale: 100-499人
  • Position:English Teacher
  • Salary:8000-12000
  • Educational background:Bachelor degree
  • Experience:1-3 years
  • Age Range:Not limited
  • Recruiting Number:1
  • Mailbox :hrdi@******
  • Fill out your resume to view the contact ID
  • QQ/WeChat :*****
  • Working location:Guangdong Guangzhou
  • Address:Guangzhou

Job Description

1. Conduct Scholastic courses for kids aging from 3 years old to 16 years old.

2. Negotiate with students, conduct level tests and PTC (parent-teacher meeting, every three months), fill in weekly 

communication book and give class feedback to parents.

3. Organize and deliver DEMO lessons for potential students.

4. Be responsible for weekly Story-telling section and interact with kids and parents

5. Be able to lead both low-level and high-level reading and writing lessons and can develop creative curriculum with the help of resources in Scholastic center.

6. Be willing to cooperate with on-job training sessions lead by lead teachers. Be willing to become a trainer and provide training to future teachers.

7. Cooperate with marketing campaigns (sometimes) and interact with potential students and parents.

8. Less than 40 working hours per week--preparation time less than 20 hours, and teaching time less than 20 hours. Training provided.


1. Native Greek speaker

2.  Bachelor degree or above.

3. Trong planning and execution ability are required, be good at communicating, analyzing. Being able to solve emergency problem is required.

4. Good written and oral communication ability, proficiency with office software.


1.Competitive salary (16k/month plus bonus)

2.Chance of knowing Chinese culture, market and family more profoundly. Free Mandarin/Cantonese 

lessons provided by our center teacher.

3.Free and vigorous training.

4.Free annual health check. Public holidays.

5.Diversified and open working environment at central Guangzhou (Zhujiang New Town). Working

6.Free annual health check. Public holidays.

7.Diversified and open working environment at central Guangzhou (Zhujiang New Town). Working language: English (mainly), Mandarin, Cantonese.

9.Salary: RMB 16000/month (house-hunting services would be provided. And house allowance is provided for teachers  working over one year.)

10.Working Visa: will be provided by the center. 

Scholastic is one of the world's largest children book publisher and distributor with annual revenue of USD 2 billion and is a publicly listed company on NASDAQ. Our mission in China is to help Chinese children learn English in a fun and effective way. In Shanghai we have created a chain of English tutorial centers with professional curriculum, small class size, and a highly interactive approach to teaching English that has proven to be very effective.

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