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Mobile DevOps Engineer
Industry: 其他
Scale: 100-499人
  • Position:Others
  • Salary:Negotiable
  • Educational background:Bachelor degree
  • Experience:1-3 years
  • Age Range:Not limited
  • Recruiting Number:1
  • Mailbox : jobs@******
  • Fill out your resume to view the contact ID
  • QQ/WeChat :*****
  • Working location:Sichuan Chengdu
  • Address:四川省成都市锦江区红星路3段1号 国际金融中心IFS Tower one 13A层

Job Description

●Responsible to participate in code review based on company requirements
●Responsible to bridge and package game tech, ads tech and analytics tech solutions to product and production process
●Responsible to ensure discipline and rules/guidelines for programmers using our codebase platforms
●Engage in the development, testing and documenting activities of a variety of iOS/Android game projects
●Be responsible of integration of various 3rd party SDKs (ads, data analytics, etc)
●Products rollout and maintenance; development and technical support for the subsequent product updates
●Engage in the internal technical sharing, provide with technical support for various teams and projects
●Responsible to implement white box and automation testing tool

●Bachelor or above in Computer Science or equivalent.
●1 year plus experience in mobile platform project development; having work experience of C/C++/Java is an advantage
●Solid programming foundation; familiar with fundamental computer science knowledges such as programming elements, data structure & algorithm, OOD & OOP, computer graphics
●Work experience of mainstream game engines, such as Cocos2d, Cocos2d-X and Unity3D, is an advantage.
●Familiar with mainstream source code management systems such as Git and SVN; good coding style and professional habit
●Decent English reading and writing skill
●Proactive, enthusiastic and responsible; can work under high pressure efficiency; good teamwork

●Competitive Salary & Benefit System
●Professional Training for new member
●Diverse Career Paths
●Simple Interpersonal Relationship
●Optimistic and Positive Work Environment



Moki (Sichuan) Company Limited is a young, fast growing, and dynamically managed foreign-invested company headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan. Our strategy is to combine international best practices in technology management with the top technical talent from throughout China to create high-quality and well-designed consumer software applications targeted at competitive international markets, including North America and Europe. We specialize in Internet software and applications, mobile phone applications, and educational software.We recruit top candidates, including artists, designers, and programmers, from Sichuan and throughout China to join our team in the Chengdu office. The work we do is challenging, and our work culture is fast-paced and dynamic, with team members from different backgrounds and from cities throughout China, including many with overseas work experience, along with a large number of foreigners from different countries. Everyone who joins the team must contribute to the professionalism and creativity of the work process, and must help promote a cooperative, team-oriented work culture. Career Development:Internal promotion opportunities for outstanding employees, and be granted with more responsibilities and working scope. Employee Benefits:Compensation Benefits: Five working days per week, Five insurances and housing fund, Salary adjustment twice a year;Paid Vacation: Besides national holidays, company offers other paid holidays;Technical Exchange: Opportunities for employees to communicate technique with professionals internally;Staff Activity: Various seasonal and annual events, as well as team-building activities;Working Environment: Under multicultural environment, easily and fairly working with colleagues from different countries.If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to Address:13A, Tower One, International Finance Square, No.1, Section 3, Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu Tel: 028-86706230 

四川摩奇信息技术有限公司是一家年轻,快速成长并充满活力的外商投资公司,其总部设在四川成都。我们的战略目标是集合国际领先的技术管理优势和遍及全中国的优秀人才,创建质量上乘,制作精良的消费类软件应用产品,投放于欧洲和北美等竞争激烈的国际市场。我们专注于互联网软件和应用,移动平台应用和教育类软件产品开发等领域。我们在四川和全国范围内招聘美术设计师,策划师和开发工程师等顶尖人才加入到我们位于成都的办公室。我们在快节奏并充满活力的工作氛围中,从事富有挑战性的工作。我们团队的成员来自全国各地不同城市,他们拥有不同背景,其中许多成员拥有丰富的海外工作经验,此外,还有部分成员来自世界不同的国家。每一个加入我们团队的人,都为公司的工作流程的专业化和创新性贡献自己的力量,共建以合作和团队为导向的工作文化。 职业发展:工作能力突出者将获得内部晋升机会,在工作范围和职责方面有所扩展。 员工福利:薪资福利:五天上班制,五险一金,一年2次调薪机会和极具竞争力的薪资;带薪假期:除国家法定假日外,还可以享受公司带薪假期等;技术交流:内部员工积极交流、探讨技术的机会;员工活动:丰富有特色的员工活动,包括季度员工活动和年度员工活动,以及团队建设活动;工作氛围:中西方多文化氛围,您可以轻松的开展自己的工作、坦诚的与来自各国的同事交流。有意者请将个人简历发送至 jobs@mokitech.com公司地址:四川省成都市锦江区红星路3段1号 国际金融中心IFS Tower one 13A层联系电话:028-86706230

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