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Business help


        1.If the phone number can not be verified, what is the reason?

        If your phone number is not Chinese, you will not receive the verification code, you can use the mailbox for registration.


        2.Why can’t I see the e-mail and other contact information for the company’s post?

        Because you have not registered your account in our platform , to become a member, please take few minutes to perfect your resume in our platform, detailed resume content can help you find a job and it saves  you save a lot of time in future.


        3.Do I need to upload my own photo?

        After registering your resume, you have to upload your own photos, let the enterprise know a lot of you.


        4.How long will it take me to get a job after I have finished my resume?

         It’s a competitive job market in China. It may take several weeks even months to find the perfect job for you. Please fill out a complete resume to attract recruiters. And the at the same time avoid the common mistakes when you apply for a job .


Personal help:


          1 . How to see applicant’s information?

         To see the applicants contact ID you must first finish a registration on your platform.


          2. Registration is completed, how to quickly find candidates?

          You can post jobs for free on our platform. If you need immediate recruitment you also choose “stick top” service. Stick top is a very effective and quick way to recruit the right person for your company. To know more about this please contact our staff contact Tel: 18116226982 e-mail: job@ dbestinfo.com.


          3. How many pieces of information can we publish on the platform every day?

          We do not have restrictions on the enterprise, as long as the position information is authentic, you can publish!


          4. Why don’t I see my recruiting job posts?

          If you can not see your posting ads on front page, it means posts on homepage are paid. You can click on more button to see further information and job posts.

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