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7 of the best websites to learn Chinese for free


As you already know, living in China requires that you should know some basic Mandarin. It doesn’t even matter whether you are interested in learning a new language or not.  Irrespective of where you work or the city you live, you need to know some Chinese to enjoy your life here and explore the middle kingdom. From calling a taxi, to ordering food, asking for directions, reading addresses and much more, Chinese is needed. To help more expats learn this ‘mysterious language’ called Chinese, I have come up with the seven best online platforms or websites to learn Chinese.

The holidays are fast approaching and many students will not have the opportunity to practice their Chinese outside classroom. That is one reason why this article is very important. (If you want to save this article to reference it later you can click the three ‘…’ in the upper right hand corner and press ‘Favorite’ you can also share this article in the same menu!)

1. Memrise.com is a great learning platform (online and app). The company offers different courses and some e-learning tools to teach different languages like Mandarin Chinese, French, and English. All I can say is that you should give it a try. The learning process is easy and well prepared to fit almost anyone. It facilitates learning by using question and multiple answer method along with crowd-sourced materials and flashcards that help the memorization process.

Learn Chinese for free

2. Digitaldialects.com: Are you a language freak? Do you want to have fun while learning a new language? Then digitaldialects.com is the answer you have been seeking. This website has more than 80 different languages to choose from. In case one language becomes boring, you can dare to try another one. A note on the website reads; Digital Dialects features free to use games for learning 80 languages+. Within are games for learning phrases, numbers, vocabulary, spelling, verb conjugation and alphabets.

Learn Chinese for free

3. Chinese-tools.com: For those whose don’t want to focus only on learning Chinese but all aspects about China. This website is for you. In this site, you are assured to find everything about modern and traditional China, travel, Chinese learning material, tools and resources, forum and language exchange club. Go ahead and enjoy it.

Learn Chinese for free

4. LearnChineseEveryday.com: This website has been awarded one of China’s top 20 Chinese language blogs. This site, as the title suggests, is a website where you can learn Chinese characters, one or more per day

5. zhongwen.com: Just as the name is. This website is no friend to time wasting or long grammar. Just the landing page alone is filled with characters. It’s basically for people with more than basic knowledge of Chinese. You won’t be wrong to call it Mandarin Wikipedia.

Learn Chinese for free

6. http://english.cntv.cn/program/learnchinese/easychinese: This was exactly the website I started learning my Chinese from. The site is owned by CCTV a government owned enterprise. This assures you that the teaching materials are standard and updated. Give it a try. The good news is that most of the teaching is videos. Another thing is that you will be motivated by seeing foreigners speaking fluent Chinese in the videos.

Learn Chinese for free

7. global-exam.com/en: The truth is that I will stay glued to this website come this winter holiday. After all, it was my desire to take the HSK in 2017 that helped me discover these materials. This site is said to be one of the newest multilingual platforms for HSK exam preparation, but this e-learning platform also specializes in English, Chinese and French exam preparations. It offers online training and practice under “real time” conditions, as well as a learning schedule planner and progression tracker.

DBestInfo committed to making sure that you enjoy your stay in China through articles like this and job offers. Use these websites to keep yourself busy this holiday. And what’s more? You can always tell us what you will like us to write about.

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