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3 Killer Ways for Non-Native Teachers to Get Jobs in China


In the wake of a more western-centered culture in China, a lot of parents are looking for English teachers for their children. Unfortunately, most parents strictly prefer native speakers (which also makes sense) but some teachers are non-native and still hold enough qualifications to make for a great teacher. So if you’re struggling to get that spot in a school then take note of these tips.


1.  Understand the platform you use for job hunting in China

Most jobs I have personally seen are posted on WeChat, China’s most popular social networking site. This makes it a very casual application where we don’t really mind what we post and it’s usually also very casual and nonchalant. However, if this is the platform that you’llbe using to find a job then you have to take a more serious approach to it.


Jobs in China DBestInfo.com

Jobs in China DBestInfo.com

Most agents have a lot of work on their plates and won’t have time to respond to a “Hi” sticker or just a hi. Give your introduction with reference to the job you’re applying for and/or send the documents they asked for in the job offer. Again, here, make sure your grammar is correct and there aren’t any silly mistakes.

Jobs in China

Bad friend verification request Jobs in China


China Jobs

China Jobs

Better friend request for finding a job on WeChat


China Jobs

Much better friend request for finding a job on WeChat


2.   Make a great introductory video

As a non-native speaker, you only have one solid chance to give a great impression to your prospective employers and that is through your introductory video

i) Make sure your avatar/display picture/ profile picture at least looks professional. Afunky-weird-borderline-psychopathic-looking picture won’t help you find a job unless you’re looking to be a model for a goth magazine. You’re looking to be taken seriously so you need to look like you deserve to be taken seriously and you are also serious about what you do.  


ii) When you send a request to the agent, make sure your greeting line has the correct grammar and spellings. Any agent worth their cents won’t accept a request with a greeting bearing crimes to the Queen’s language. Attention to detail is key. Be a perfectionist.

iii) Get straight to the point when the agent accepts your request. Bear in mind that they will evaluate you off. Make sure you look smart and you have good lighting when you make this. Less noise from the surrounding areas is a bonus. Be loud and confident so that you give the impression that you know what you are doing. Make sure this video is also shirt and concise. State the main points clearly, your background, qualifications and interests. In this regard, charisma is key.


  3.   Nail your interview

If you get through to the interview stage after sending your video then take this as a chance to just nail down the impression you have already given in your video. Look smart, confident and most of all prepared. Most interviews have demo classes with them so you should be prepared if you have your own material. Your goal is to impress and only to impress. Don’t cast any doubts on how good you are.

Above all, you should be cooperative. Many schools now are looking for non-native teachers because some native teachers are said to be very difficult to deal with and arrogant. This DOES NOT speak for all native teachers but you can always bank on that chance to show that you are ready to cooperate. That gives a great picture of you to a school because it shows you listen to instruction and can adapt to the atmosphere of the school.

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